Our Mission

Infinity Law is one of the London based law firms aims to provide outstanding legal services to an individual client’s needs as tailored by relevant industry and businesses.

Our Philosophy

We are recognised individual law firm in civil law, adding value to our clients’ goal and objectives. Our long-standing experience along with our innovative thinking and business-oriented problem-solving endeavours, reaching the best solutions for every individual client. No matter how big or small case or matter we deal with, and no matter who every individual client he or she is, we always remain serious in solving all cases promptly and expeditiously. We remain on the cutting-edge of legal developments, taking time to study, track, and anticipate changes in UK Regulations and Precedents that could potentially impact on our clients. In every matter that we handle with our clients to minimize risks and advance our clients’ short and long-term objectives.

Our History

Infinity Law was formed with the goal of building a world-class London based firm singularly focused on serving the needs of individual clients. Mohammad Al Mamun and Ziaur Rahman, the firm’s founding partners, launched Infinity Law as with having a legacy of Mr Nicholas infinity, who is the advisor to the partners. With offices located in the city of London, our firm is well-established to meet the diverse demands of globalised clients. Our solicitors and consultants have substantial experience and have practised legal services at the highest levels throughout their careers. In 2015, infinity Law was established as a firm of solicitors.

Firm Culture

At infinity Law we keep ourselves on collaboration. We are a diverse group of professionals who work jointly as a team towards a single goal – providing our clients with top-range legal services. Our Solicitors and consultants use this same team approach when working with clients to find the right solutions for difficult issues. We believe that everyone plays an important role in our team to the end of goal for every client whosoever he or she is. We always support independent thought and encourage creativity and innovation, because we believe this approach works to achieve the best possible results for our clients.


infinity Law believes that every client is different. It is our policy to act as a competent and responsible case handler in order to achieve all of our clients’ objectives. We have taken the utmost measures and commitment to utilise our best efforts to advance sustainable practices in our office environment.
Actions speak louder than the words.
We proudly:

• Settled cases outside the Court of Appeal, High Court & Tribunals;
• Business transaction of 7.2m smoothly;
• Complex property transaction;
• Defend Road Traffic Accident claim;
• Quick financial settlement in Family;


Being in a cosmopolitan city, infinity Law prioritises hiring, promoting, retaining and mentoring women and minorities. We actively work and serve as mentors to young and minority students and professionals in our community.

Pro Bono and Community Service

We are privileged to give back to our community and believe it is our responsibility to do so. Every solicitor and consultant at our firm, who proudly handle pro bono cases time to time and we volunteer individually and as a firm in the following

• Destitute clients
• Social welfare clients, in particular – homelessness
• Involving public interest matters